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August 08, 2018

Hey! How’s it going random internet person? I’m not sure how you found my blog but thanks for stopping by! I have to admit from the beginning that this probably won’t be the most well written blog you’ve ever read. My writing skills can be a little lacking at times. I’m much more suited to audio where I can talk out my ideas rather than having to look at them written out on paper. Enough disclaimers, welcome to Personal Software!

What the heck is this?

I imagine this is the question going through your head right now and hopefully I can shed some light on that. This is my personal tech blog about my journey through learning software and through my career as a software engineer. Outside of my day job I’m usually noodling around on some side project or kicking around some ideas in my head and instead of that being a conversation with myself I’m going to make it a conversation with myself and you…yes, I’m talking to you.


I’m two paragraphs in and I just realized I never said my name, awko-taco…

Well my name is Mason and I’m currently just over two years into my software career in Chicago, IL. I work for a company called STATS working on AI and machine learning software. Outside of work I have just a general interest in both building technology and learning how technology works behind the scenes. Right now I’m focused a lot on Node.js and React because they are what I spend most of my time at my day job working with but I’m also working to explore other areas of the software world. Specifically Rust and Go have piqued my interest as of late.

What’s next

So what now…

Now I have to get to work writing more than an introduction post. I’m hoping to post at least once a month but it might be more frequent than that depending on the kind of cadence I can keep up. Full disclosure I tend to be streaky with working on side projects and having enough material to blog about so it may be a feast and famine situation for a while. My plan for the next post will be an overview of a side project I’ve been working on called STATS Streams. STATS Streams is an internal streaming site for work of our broadcasted sporting events that takes what are currently RTMP links and re-streams them in a more user friendly way.

Check back for that next post!

Hit me up on twitter if you’re so inclined, I’m @mstallmo. Or check out my Github profile mstallmo

Mason Stallmo

Written by Mason Stallmo a software engineer in Chicago working on building video based software. Say what's up on Twitter!