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Daily Blog: 10/14/19

October 14, 2019

Hi everyone, welcome to my daily blog series! This series is where I write something, anything, daily about my journey in tech. If you enjoyed this post, check out other posts in the series here

Just a quick post as there wasn’t much that happend today that I’m really allowed to talk about. All I can really say is that I’m excited about what we have going on at work and hopefully there will be more that I can talk about in the future!

I’m still working through the Building an Interperter in Go and Building a Compiler in Go series (though I’m building it in Rust instead of Go) and excited to be making some progress. At the moment I’m struggling with putting much muster behind the project. I implemented the first parts of the parser and I really would like to continue to make progress but the pace at work lately has taken away a lot of motivation to program outise of work. I’m thinking I’ll just sit tight and when I want to go back to working on it I’ll have the motivation to do so. My impatientness can sometimes get thet best of me in these situations but I’m going to keep working on it when it feels right.

I’m planning to watch a CppCon talk or two tonight so hopefully that’ll give me some good content for tomorrow’s post!

Happy Hacking!

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